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SR Portfolios – Architectural Headshot Testimonial

I was initially impressed with Sam Rivera’s enthusiasm, unhealthy communication skills and professional demeanor when I used him for professional photography. I have known Sam for approximately three (3) years and during that time have witnessed first hand his professional and expert photography.
Sam is not only a reliable and dedicated professional, but also, eternally upbeat. His ability to communicate with customers in unparalleled which leaves no surprise that he is a successful competitor in the industry.

I have worked with Sam in an action-photograph setting, where he photographed me and my colleagues in an outdoor competition. Much to my surprise, shortly thereafter, Sam handed me a DVD diskette which was a slide show composite of all of the still photos, with a carefully designed introduction, music score and editorials, which in total, equaled that of commercial grade composition.

I also had an opportunity to work with Sam with professional still shots where I was equally impressed with Sam’s technical capabilities, technical skills, and knowledge of the lighting equipment used during those still shots.

Sam is a committed and capable photographer and truly a professional competitor in the industry. Sam has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you’d like additional information.

Shutts & Bowen LLP
Mark D. Thomson, Partner

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